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Since no two family decals are alike, the decals are priced on a design by design basis. 

Click on each picture for a larger view, or click here for a full .pdf version.  Click here for an order form.  Filling out the order form will help you get an idea of how much your design is going to cost.  Email your order and questions, we will send you a sample of the design for approval before we finish the order

Designs can be made in any order you wish.  By height in a pyramid style or from tallest to shortest.  Pets can be put at on as book ends or intermingled with the people.  The pictures below show some fun and interesting mixes for your designs.

Decals can be ordered in White, Metallic Silver or Metallic Gold. 

Any questions, please email or call. 

Design Size Price
Infants 3" $2.00 Each
Child 4" $3.00 Each
Teen 5" $4.00 Each
Adult 6" $5.00 Each
Pets 3 to 4" $3.00 Each
Names 1/2 to 1" Tall $2.00 Each
Family Names Width of the Design $5.00